Traditional Chinese Medicine

chinese-medicineThere are many things that can change one’s life.  Chinese herbal healing was one of those things that I stumbled onto, and there was no looking back since then.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) transformed my health! The basic principles in this herbal system basically helped me to maintain health and fitness to a high degree. Pharmaceutical drugs becomes irrelevant for me when I applied the principles of this ancient healthcare system into my daily life. Now I seldom get sick, and it is unthinkable to most people that I never use any drugs even when I was sick. Health has become something that does not worry me because I am so confident that most health issues can be easily resolved, while most people will worry and even panic when they are faced with health challenges. The secret is simple. It is about understanding the wisdom of the ancient Chinese herbalists. This skill of balancing yin and yang leads me to vitality and health.

Transforming Sicknesses Into Health

I was born a healthy child. My mother told me that among her children, I was born with a good weight, rosy cheek, and very healthy. That was the time when the healthcare industry promoted powder milk formulation for babies. The advertisement was so convincing that everyone bought the idea, even the doctors. Yes, I am one of those unfortunate ones on this planet who has never tasted my mother’s milk. Nature has its way to signal something was not right for my body. I vomited whenever I was fed with the most expensive and best milk powder at that time. The doctor said the milk powder was even better than mother’s milk although I vomited every time I took those milk. I became very thin and everyone said I was like a poor child born from a war torn country. Certainly, it was not war torn in my country, and the milk powder industry thrived but I suffered. My body was just rejecting something that it deemed not natural. But no one noticed that because the advertisements and “science” behind it was so convincing that it overwhelmed everyone’s consciousness.

When I was young, there was always a lack of energy in my body. I was very thin, “with bones only” — that was how everyone described me when they saw me. My facial color was pale, greenish and yellowish, the perfect sickly blend. Basically, I did not look healthy. Despite all these, I was an active child. I enjoyed sports and took part in many sporting activities, but was not really a high achiever. I was just not physically cut for it.

The turning point in my health came when I took up competitive running and swimming when I was in my secondary school. I felt stronger and stronger although remain thin. I knew I was doing something right. I could feel the internal energy that I never felt before. I kept on training day in day out. Many people noticed the change of my facial color. This little sickly looking child was starting to win in some endurance sports.

Most people need drastic events to make real changes in their lives. In reflection, I got that when I was born. Also, I was lucky in a sense that my mother was a nurse with some wisdom. I could always remember that she told me we should not take drugs unless absolutely necessary because all drugs, even Paracetamol, have side effects. Those words stayed with me till today. We never really visited the doctors often when we were young. In fact, those days when we were sick, we were allowed to let the body heal itself with minimum medical intervention. And it heals! Could this be one of the secrets why children those days did not often get sick?

My interest in health and healing led me to Traditional Chinese Herbology. This was a major turning point and the transformation was so significant that:

  • I seldom get sick.
  • I do not need to use any pharmaceutical drugs even when I am sick.
  • Health does not worry me, and I do not panic whenever I fall sick because I know the path to regain health.
  • I have perfect faith and trust in the body’s intelligent to regain health if we give it the right ingredients to achieve balance.

Maintaining and regaining health is a simple exercise. It will be complex if we make it so. The key to perfect health is to arm ourselves with the right understanding of the causes and conditions that will make the body and mind thrive. Once this principle is well understood, then you will achieve a sparkling vitality that no amount of money can buy.